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Text Mining - Wissensrohstoff Text - Vorlesung Übung, Praktikum

Wintersemester 2020/2021   •  Modul: Text Mining – Wissensrohstoff Text (10-201-2301)  •  Montag, 11:49 Uhr  •  asynchron Video

Referenten:  Dr. Andreas Niekler



Lecturer: Dr. Ing. Andreas Niekler

Lab Advisor: Christian Kahmann

Module Workload: 2 SWS Lecture, 1 SWS Lab, 3 SWS Practical Work, 300 WP

Lecture, Practical Work and Lab will take place online until further notice throughout the semester.

Online sessions will take place in the form of weekly Q&A sessions on BigBlueButton.

Practical work participation is a prerequisite to complete the module.

Lectures are prerecorded. The videos can be accessed by following the lecturenotes below. Starting from 26.10.2020 we will add the videos for the current week during the week. Please keep an eye on the lecture page here.

Q&A session: Monday, 13:15 – 14:45 starting from 02.11.2020, on BigBlueButton:

Lab Monday, 9:15 – 10:45, starting 09.11.2020

Practical Work Q&A Monday, 11:15 – 12:45, starting 02.11.2020 with presentation of assignments.


Lecture website – materials and announcements will be uploaded on this website.

Email – important announcements will be sent out via mail. To compile a email list, please write an initial mail to the lecturer and we will add you to the list.

26.10.2020   Text Mining Intro

Folien Organisatorisches + Text Mining Einleitung
Video Organisatorisches

Video Text Mining Einleitung
Folien Empirische Forschung, Korpuslinguistik, Textstatistik, Datenakquise
Video Empirische Forschung
Video Korpuslinguistik
Video Textstatistik
Video Datenakquise

02.11.2020   Vorverarbeitung, Morphologie