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PATHOS-2012 - 1st Workshop on Practice and Theory of Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Workshop, 21.09.2012
University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The goal of PATHOS is to attract researchers and developers in the area of sentiment analysis and opinion mining. The workshop focuses on

  • methods and resources for multi-lingual sentiment analysis,
  • dependencies of genre and domain in sentiment analysis and its subtasks,
  • sentiment analysis with distinction of emotional categories, i.e. emotion analysis, and
  • opinion holder and opinion target extraction.

While there is an abundance of methods and resources available for English, comparatively little research focuses on other languages or multi-lingual sentiment analysis. In addition to language differences, deviations across genres and domains require special treatment, but are so far only seldom taken into account. Emotion analysis goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis, giving insight into the different emotional categories of an opinionated statement. Thus it is not restricted to mere polarity identification but detects particular feelings, such as “fear”, or “anger”, “hope” and “joy”. Opinion holder and target extraction is the domain in sentiment analysis with significant economic potential. It allows stakeholders to nail down the exact source and target of criticism or praise. Exploiting this knowledge helps improving products and services and can be considered a tool for quality assurance.

PATHOS will serve as a platform for these particular sub-areas of sentiment analysis.

The workshop will be organized by the recently founded Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA).

Ansprechpartner: Robert Remus

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