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TMRA 2007 - Scaling Topic Maps

Konferenz, 10.10.2007 – 12.10.2007
Mediencampus Villa Ida, Leipzig, Deutschland

With the advent of standardised web services for the supply, retrieval and exchange of Topic Maps-centric information, Topic Maps are ready to scale to the web. Topic Maps portals and applications will be able to interact, new business models for content providers will occur, and advanced P2P services for the exchange of topic maps are imaginable. Furthermore Topic Maps is increasingly used in sophisticated projects, so the requirements on the technology will grow with the scaling challenges. The breakthrough of Topic Maps as a paradigm-shifting integration technology relies on the ability to handle scaling environments. The aim of TMRA 2007 is to bring together all current research and developments on this topic.

Ansprechpartner: Jun.-Prof. Lutz Maicher

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