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Dr. Sabine Gründer-Fahrer

Telefon: +49-341-97-32295
Büro: P 710

Abteilung Automatische Sprachverarbeitung
Institut für Informatik
Universität Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig

Dr. Sabine Gründer-Fahrer
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Informatik
PF 100920
04009 Leipzig



- 1999-2004 Master in Linguistics, Logic and Philosophy
University of Leipzig

basis study period:
core areas:
philosophy: logic, philosophy of language, analytical philosophy
linguistics: formal semantics, syntax, pragmatics
teaching: logic tutorials

advanced study period:
visiting student: University of Tübingen (3/2002-9/2002), University of St. Andrews (Scotland) (9/2003-3/2004)
core areas:
philosophy: logic, analytical philosophy, history of science
linguistics: formal semantics, discourse theory, computational semantics
grant: ‘Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes‘, 2 years
topic master thesis: Neo-Fregean philosophy of mathematics

- 2005-2010 PhD in Computer Science
University of Leipzig,
Department of Computer Science, Natural Language Processing Group

core areas: statistical natural language processing, theoretical computational linguistics, artificial intelligence
grant: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), 2 years, interdisciplinary graduated school „Universalität und Diversität“ of the Universities of Leipzig and Jena and the Max-Planck-Institute for Cognitive and Neuroscience Leipzig, subjects involved in the graduate school: theoretical linguistics, philology, typology, comparative studies, computer science, psycho-linguistics, neuro-psychology
prize: 2nd prize at the student‘s session of the European Summer School for Logic Language and Information (ESSLLI 07)
topic of PhD thesis: a dynamic approach to the semantics and syntax of temporal adverbials, a formal approach in the framework of finite-state temporal semantics; supervisors: Friedrich Hamm (University of Tübingen), Gerhard Heyer (University of Leipzig)
PhD grade Dr.rer.nat. (2/2010): ‘summa cum laude‘

- Past Research Positions and Postdoc Grants:

Department of Computer Science, Natural Language Processing Group (Gerhard Heyer), University of Leipzig, Project: eAQUA (6/2008-8/2009), interdisciplinary project that used text mining and information retrieval methods for research in classical philology and ancient history
Department of Language and Information (Sebastian Löbner), University of Düsseldorf (11/2009-4/2010), mathematical linguistics: Formalizing Frames
Group for Mathematical Linguistics and Theoretical Computational Linguistics (Marcus Kracht), University of Bielefeld (from 11/2010 to 7/2011), mathematical linguistics: referent systems
University of Stanford, Department of Linguistics and CSLI (Cleo Condoravdi), PostDoc Grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), (11/2011-5/2012), semantics of programming languages, natural language processing,

- from June 2012 maternity leave

- Current Position:

Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) / University of Leipzig; Researcher and Project Lead, EU FP7 project, (04/2014-03/2017), Project: ‘Slandail’: Security System for Language and Image Analysis – Empowering Emergency Response Systems Using Social Media


Laufende Arbeiten


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