Welcome to SentiWS
SentimentWortschatz, or SentiWS for short, is a publicly available German-language resource for sentiment analysis, opinion mining etc. It lists positive and negative polarity bearing words weighted within the interval of [-1; 1] plus their part of speech tag, and if applicable, their inflections. The current version of SentiWS (v1.8b) contains 1,650 positive and 1,818 negative words, which sum up to 15,649 positive and 15,632 negative word forms incl. their inflections, respectively. It not only contains adjectives and adverbs explicitly expressing a sentiment, but also nouns and verbs implicitly containing one.


Creative Commons License
SentiWS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Obtain a Copy

SentiWS is available as .zip-file for download here.

Data Format

SentiWS is organised in two utf8-encoded text files structured the following way:

<Word>|<POS tag> \t <Polarity weight> \t <Infl_1>,...,<Infl_k> \n

where \t denotes a tab, and \n denotes a new line.


If you use SentiWS in your work we kindly ask you to cite this paper as

R. Remus, U. Quasthoff & G. Heyer: SentiWS - a Publicly Available German-language Resource for Sentiment Analysis.
In: Proceedings of the 7th International Language Ressources and Evaluation (LREC'10), pp. 1168--1171, 2010

or use the following BibTeX-code snippet:

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Version History

SentiWS is "work in progress" and hence far from being fully-fledged and error-free. It will be continuously refined by adding missing words and word forms and removing ambiguous ones - feedback is welcome.
  • v1.8b, 2010-05-19: First publicly available version as described in Remus et al. (2010)
  • v1.8c, 2011-03-21: Second publicly available version in which some POS tags were corrected.


Unfortunately, there were some typos and errors in Table 2 of our LREC'10 paper. Here is a corrected version:
Table 2: Overview of the dictionary's content
Positive Negative
Adjectives Baseforms 784 698
Inflections 11,101 9,992
Adverbs Baseforms 6 4
Inflections 0 0
Nouns Baseforms 548 686
Inflections 649 979
Verbs Baseforms 312 430
Inflections 2,249 2,843
All Baseforms 1,650 1,818
Inflections 13,999 13,814