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Welcome at the NLP group website

Natural language processing (Automatische Sprachverarbeitung) is concerned with data and methods for the automatic semantic analysis of text, and the applications thereof. In the digital information age, text is available in very large amounts. The exploitation of text as a raw material for knowledge leads up to many new kinds of applications. A basic approach of our research is a close connection between data and algorithms.



Content Management (SQ 10): Monday, 2018-07-09 – 09:15

Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen 2: Thursday, 2018-07-19 – 13:00

Textdatenbanken: Monday, 2018-07-23 – 10:00 – Klausur 60 Minuten; Raum: HS 9

Linguistische Informatik: Wednesday, 2018-07-25 – 10:30 – Raum S 126

Exam results

The results of the exam Textdatenbanken are available here.



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