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TMRA 2008 - Subject-centric Computing

Conference, 2008-10-15 – 2008-10-17
Mediencampus, Leipzig, Germany

As Peter Brown emphasised in his closing keynote in 2007, traditional information organization is focused on documents, folders, and files, which are all 18th century terms. Topic Maps, on the other hand, are subject-centric, in the sense that they organize information by what it is about. Users, however, typically think and act in a subject-centric way. They don’t look for certain document or folder, but for information about a particular subject that they are interested in. Shifting the information architecture to a subject-centric perspective, means changing the way software and interfaces are designed. Subject-centric computing is based on the appropriate handling of subject identity, wich is the mechanism for deciding whether or not two different objects represent the same subject. Identity-aware subject-centric computing empowers a new level of interactivity between systems at global scale. The goal of TMRA 2008 is nothing less than the break-through of subject-centric computing.

Contact: Jun.-Prof. Lutz Maicher

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