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Applications of our semantic technologies focus on the following three areas:

  • text and trend mining (projects Medienresonanzanalyse, Volkswagen, Daimler, eAQUA, Visual Analytics)
  • information retrieval and P2P systems (projects SEMPIR 1 und 2, AgPiB, NIMS, HSE)
  • content and knowledge management (projects Topic Map 2.0 Lab, D-SPIN/CLARIN, musica migrans, SAP, MML)

In those fields of application we have a strong record of third party funding, including German Research Foundation, the German Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the State of Saxony, the University Libraries of Leipzig, Bielefeld, and Göttingen, and funding by industrial partners like SAP, Volkswagen AG, and Daimler AG. A special domain of application also are the E-Humanities where increasingly semantic technologies can help to substantiate research methodologies and to contribute to new research questions.

Data and methods are available on the internet via webservices. This way, a direct access from any kind of software is possible. The services not only comprise Java programs but also programs in any other programming language because the interface (SOAP) has been standardized and published. Up to now, a number of special services for access to data of our Deutscher Wortschatz have been realized. In future, also more complex data, workflows for an iterative processing of data and algorithms will be made available within the projects D-SPIN and eAQUA .