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ESF Nachwuchsforschergruppe Wissensrohstoff Text

This project has been ended.

As a traditional university with a library that holds a comprehensive stock of books of high cultural heritage value, Leipzig University aims to make its vast resources in humanities more accessible to learners and researchers throughout Germany through a combined effort of the University Library, the University Data Centre (Universitätsrechenzentrum, URZ) and the Institute of Computer Science within the framework of the “Digital Humanities – Humanities in a Digital Age” project. Building on the ESF-funded project “The Billion-Word Library” (managed by the Leipzig University Library in cooperation with the Institute of Computer Science) and taking advantage of the research infrastructure for humanities provided by CLARIN, the university plans to develop an infrastructure for digital sources that are already available now for several fields of humanities at Leipzig University. Seven chairs pertaining to the humanities – Arabic Studies, Egyptology, German Studies, German as a Foreign Language, History, Musicology, and Theology – have therefore joined in a network for the development and application of subject-specific standardized meta data.

Support program: ESF
Partner: Egyptology/Ägyptologie (Ägy) Arabist/Arabistik (Ara) German as a foreign language/Deutsch als Fremdsprache (DaF) German language and literature studies/Germanistik (Ger) History/Geschichtswissenschaft (His) Musicolog
Time frame: 2013-2015

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer, David Georg Reichelt, Henriette Niekler

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