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DFG-Project: Revising, standardizing, and expanding the Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank

This project aims to revise, standardize, and expand the Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank. The corpus is mostly made of single-authored annotations, which will be checked semiautomatically in order to increase annotation consistency. Additions to the annotation guidelines (especially with respect to morphological annotation of Latin) are also needed to improve documentation. The data, which are currently serialized in a native XML format, will also be both provided in PAULA-XML, a de facto standard for stand-off annotation, and converted into Universal Dependencies. The Latin Dependency Treebank, which is currently much smaller than the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebank (79,697 vs. 557,922), will be augmented with new annotations from the following texts (approximately the first 10,000 tokens): Caesar (Bellum Civile), Titus Livius (Ab Urbe Condita), Tacitus (Historiae), Svetonius (De Vita Caesaris), and Ammianus Marcellinus (Rerum Gestarum).

Support program: DFG
Time frame: 01-10-2018 until 30-09-2021

Kontakt: Dr. Giuseppe G. A. Celano

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