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The Game Walkthrough Corpus

This project has been ended.

Video games are one of the most influential entertainment mediums in our world and influence large parts of the society directly as a means of entertainment, education and recreation or indirectly as it is seen in social gamification processes. A multi billion dollar market has developed around this medium that is in some cases even under legal observation because of harmful effects on parts of the population.

Yet the video game world is not yet a prominent part of the scientific research process. One reason is that it is hard to answer the question how an analysis should be handled. Video games consist of bytecode that can not really be interpreted constructively and are mainly consumed via audiovisual means, which are hard enough to analyse for themselves. Another reason is also one of video games’ defining properties: Interactivity. How would we be able to analyse something when its actual content is in big parts created and controlled by the person that consumes it?

The purpose of this project is to provide a solution for both of these problems and hopefully a robust starting point for empirical work in the field of Games Studies. Video game walkthroughs provide a textual representation of the video game in question and contain exactly the information that is needed to complete the game. These descriptions ignore the (theoretically infinite) variance of outcomes that are the result of the interaction element. Additionally they convert the content of a video game into text, an information medium that is routinely analysed in many ways in various research environments.

Kontakt: Dr. Jochen Tiepmar

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