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This paper presents a procedure to retrieve subsets of rele- vant documents from large text collections for Content Analysis, e.g. in social sciences. Document retrieval for this purpose needs to take account of the fact that analysts often cannot describe their research objective with a small set of key terms, especially when dealing with theoretical or rather abstract research interests. Instead, it is much easier to de ne a set of paradigmatic documents which re ect topics of interest as well as tar- geted manner of speech. Thus, in contrast to classic information retrieval tasks we employ manually compiled collections of reference documents to compose large queries of several hundred key terms, called dictionar- ies. We extract dictionaries via Topic Models and also use co-occurrence data from reference collections. Evaluations show that the procedure im- proves retrieval results for this purpose compared to alternative methods of key term extraction as well as neglecting co-occurrence data.

Type: Inproceedings

Author: Gregor Wiedemann and Andreas Niekler
Title: Document Retrieval for Large Scale Content Analysis using Contextualized Dictionaries
Booktitle: Terminology and Knowledge Engineering 2014 (TKE 2014)
Year: 2014
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